The Holiday Home is reachable by public transport or by car. The apartment is located two minutes from the nearest metro line A “ Colli Albani “and the terminus of several bus lines.

In six underground stops you can reach the Termini train station, where the train to Fiumicino airport arrives. Ciampino airport is also well connected with buses, a short walk from the apartment, stop on the adjacent Via Appia Nuova.

The underground line A is the easiest way to reach the most prestigious places of artistic and archaeological center of Rome, such as the Piazza di Spagna, the shopping streets (Via Condotti, Via Frattina and Via del Corso), the famous Fontana di Trevi ( Trevi Fountain ), just renovated.

Following the way of metro line A, after 12 stops, the visitor finds himself projected into the center of Christianity and can admire the beautiful Basilica of St. Pietro, and the old fortress of Castel Sant’Angelo with a view on the Tevere River.

La Maison Velia is located in an excellent position for an easy visit to some of the archaeological sites whose beauty is worldwide known. Nearby the green oasis of the Caffarella Park, rich in archaeological sites including the Ninfeo di Egeria ( Nymph Egeria ), and the Tempio di Cerere ( Temple of Ceres ) and Faustina (II cent. BC).

By using the 664 and 660 buses you can go in the historic Appia Antica Park, where they can visit he tomb of Cecilia Metella (I century BC) and the catacombs of Santa Domitilla and St. Sebastiano.

Continuing on the Via Appia Nuova, you can meet the hills of the “Castelli Romani”, known for its wine production, where, in the village of Castel Gandolfo, there’s the Papal Palace, the summer residence of the Pope, and where you can see the suggestive “Lago di Albano” ( Alban Lake ).

You can take advantage of a convenient convention (only 8 euro per day) with a gym close to the Maison Velia (50 mt). For all those who during their stay in Rome, they want to train and do fitness in a clean, comfortable and with experienced and qualified personal trainer


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